Music Therapy as a related service

The U.S. Department of Education recognizes Music Therapy as a Related Service. 

Using a criterion based assessment (Special Education Music Therapy Assessment Process, SEMTAP,) Board-Certified Music Therapists are able to determine if Music Therapy is ncessary to assist a child in his/her education. 

Existing IDEA regulations recognize that the list of related services may include Music Therapy if it is required to assist a child with his/her special education. 

Required steps for Music Therapists to conduct a semtap evaluation


Can come from member of the IEP team- parent, teacher, therapist, and must be formalized at an IEP meeting. 

Review Of IEP

Review of current IEP and records 


Direct observation of IEP related goals and objectives 


Interviews and discussion with team members including family/caretakers 

Direct Assessment

Assessment based on IEP goals and objectives 

Written Report

SEMTAP report will include recommendations for service delivery and goals and objectives 

Team Meeting

Presentation of the report and assessment to the team. The team will decide whether to add the service to the student's IEP.  

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