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Early intervention


Family-Centered Care

Research proves that Music Therapy can significantly increase parent-child interactive behaviors and increase attention, speech production, learned skills, communication, coping behaviors, peer interactions and self-esteem. 

Music therapy is the clinical and evidence-based use of music interactions to accomplish individualized goals within a therapeutic relationship by a credentialed professional who has completed an approved music therapy program. Essentially, music therapy is using music to accomplish non-music goals. Each session is individualized based upon the child and families' needs, goals and objectives and preferences. The Music Therapists at Hands in Harmony are all approved

Level II practitioners in the state of Rhode Island. 

When a new client is referred to us, our Music Therapists conduct an assessment in the child's natural environment to determine eligibility and needs of the client. Sessions can be facilitated in-person or virtually. 

who should i refer?

A Music Therapy assessment is required to determine if a child qualifies for music therapy services. 

Progress for all children/families will be monitored through data collection. Services will be discontinued when increase in ability is no longer significant in comparison to outside music therapy interventions. 

Prior to making a referral, please pay close attention to the following questions:

Stacking Blocks


To make a referral for Early Intervention, a team member will submit the following documents to Hands in Harmony:

  • Referral Form

  • Release of Information

  • Current Copy of the Child's IFSP



The assessment process consists of several components and will determine if a child requires music therapy services as evidenced by an increase in abilty to perform non-music based outcomes from the child's IFSP. 

  • Interviews with team (includes family/caregivers)

  • Observations

  • Direct Assessment


Treatment Plan

If a child qualifies for the service, the team will meet and if in agreement, the service will be added to the IFSP. Our therapists follow the RI State Early Intervention mode and provide family-centered care and training for the child and family/caregivers. Additionally, our Music Therapists schedule co-treatments with other service providers when recommended/requested. 

Progress for all children/families will be monitored through data collection and will be notated each session. 

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