Neurologic Music Therapy Services


 Hands in Harmony is a Rhode Island based 501(C)3 nonprofit organization that provides Neurologic Music Therapy services to anyone from birth to end of life.


Hands in Harmony helps all people reach their true potential using proven music therapy interventions grounded in neuroscience to overcome a range of physical and psychological problems.


Hands in Harmony’s model is grounded in local research and ensures effectiveness and integrated collaboration that broadens services and client impact.


Our team is comprised of highly qualified licensed music therapists and other highly qualified professionals.

why hands in harmony?

We provide evidence-based and neuroscience-grounded remusic therapy through our licensed, highly qualified music therapists

Highly qualified

We apply rigorous social impact metrics to patients, community engagements, and partnerships to ensure impact and efficacy to all clients and communities served


We collaborate with a range of partners to integrate additional services in much more accessible community locations

cost efficient 

We offer quality services at a below-market costs. 

Qualified Music Therapists

Hands in Harmony

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